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Health Check (Checkup)

Allow everyone to make regular checkups near their residence


Allow everyone to have a perpetual and up-to-date vaccination booklet


Allow everyone to benefit from the services of a doctor (teleconsultation)


Allow everyone to order pharmacy medications without moving

Checkout measures proposed by KIOS:

Blood pressure

Helps to identify hypertension, to control it and to propose a suitable treatment

Cardiac frequency

Heart rate measurement to prevent a cardiovascular event

Weight, height, BMI

BMI is the Body Mass Index for Assessing the Risks of Being Overweight

Blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2)

To quickly assess and control the patient's breathing. Also used to detect hypoxia

Blood sugar

To effectively detect, control and treat diabetes


Monitoring its temperature helps detect fever or persistence

Visual tests

To detect the sight disorders.

Hearing tests

To detect hearing disorders.

Pregnancy tests

To detect pregnancy