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Innovation at the service of solidarity !

We are acting to reduce the school break and the medical divide. Technological innovations can contribute to this. We experience them in rural areas in both education and health.

For a fair education

An innovative and equitable school is first and foremost a spirit in which a school is involved in a way of being, thinking and acting on a daily basis.

Social inclusion

Include school, family and community actions within a coherent whole, seeking to better support student success


Provide students and teachers with innovative technologies to facilitate learning, foster overall student development and unlock their full potential


Giving a new dimension to teaching through modern and adapted teaching methods

Diversity and gender

Provide an equal chance of success to all students, regardless of gender, age, social or ethnic origin, or background


Distribute school supplies to students and provide additional support in terms of salary to individual teachers


Promote rural school canteens to combat student malnutrition and develop local economies

Health for all

Sustainably increase access to care and improve vaccination coverage of rural populations

More than 60% of deaths in the world are related to chronic diseases (heart disease, stroke, cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes, ...). The most affected are low-income populations. Digital technologies can help prevent, detect and treat chronic diseases.
Our health commitments:

  • Help each patient to make a regular checkup of health (checkup)
  • Allow everyone to have an up-to-date vaccination card
  • Facilitate collaboration between practitioners
  • Provide reliable statistics to public health authorities
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Our actions

Since its creation in 2015, KIOS has been active in rural education and training

KIOS launched in 2015 the ISEF project (Innovation in the Service of Education and Training). This pilot project is being deployed in several villages of South Cameroon (Mougué, Bigambo, Bikala, Lambi)

  • More than 300 school kits distributed (school bags, notebooks, pens, slates)
  • Establishment of Digital Work Spaces (ENT)
  • Digital Training Workshops
  • Salary supplement for individual teachers
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