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About us

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Who are we?

The KIOS Association was founded in France by Laure WOUNGLY, Special Educator, and César Olivier NDIGO NZIE, Engineer in Computer Engineering and Biotechnology. This association was born from the desire of its founders to experiment and promote advanced digital technologies (TNA) that meet the needs of people living in rural areas in education and health. The challenge is education and health for all.

Our vision

To sustainably improve education and reduce the medical desert in rural areas

Our mission

The potential for improving education and health in rural areas is immense.
The ongoing digital revolution provides concrete answers for equitable and sustainable access to care and education. An intelligent deployment of these technologies in rural areas is likely to open up tremendous opportunities and new perspectives for all stakeholders (beneficiary populations, public, institutional and private actors).

Our strategy

Conduct field projects involving upstream beneficiary populations
40% Complete (success)
Develop strategic alliances with digital actors
40% Complete (success)
Disseminate lessons from the field to authorities and the general public
40% Complete (success)
Strengthen the capacities of beneficiary populations
40% Complete (success)